La Mia Storia ~ La mia vita

From his humble beginnings, Daniele Bianchi was always going to run and operate his own successful Restaurant.
His mother remembers fondly back when Daniele was a very young boy, being called by his school teachers that Daniele had not attended school. This is when the passion was born!
Daniele at the time was only 9 years old but the flare was evident, especially to dinners who would often love to see the little bambino waiting tables and sharing stories of how much he loved the ambience.

He would often run away to his Zio Giuseppe's Restaurant in Rometo ensure diners would enjoy their homemade gnocchi and homemade vino.


To Daniele, this is what life was all about.
At the tender and naive age of 13 Daniele started and three years later successfully completed his ‘schooling in hospitality’ back in Rome, Italy.  At this stage in his life, there were Chefs from around the town who wanted to see Daniele working in their restaurant. Contemplating the move to Paris, where an internship was on offer, Daniele decided to follow his family to a country that has offered him so much; Australia.

When arriving in Australia, Daniele immediately wanted to make an impression. Only being in the country for 3 days, Daniele began working in the kitchen in Little Italy – Lygon Street. Daniele fondly remembers working 15 hour days and serving dishes until the early hours of the morning.

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“Those were the days when we had to work under a lot of stress and under the pump. We were serving on average 700 diners from midday until three in the morning”.

But this wasn’t enough. The passion and the challenge to change the way Melbournians tasted Italian cuisine had not yet being achieved. By this stage Daniele was in his mid twenties and various wealthy Restaurateurs were willing to put Daniele in the spot light. “This is when my career did a 90 degree turn”. Pieroni Restaurant was the next milestone in Daniele’s career.

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It was the place to be. Claudia Schiffer and Jackie Chan were only a few of hundreds of A-List celebrities who dined and who Daniele had the pleasure to ask “How was your experience”?
Politicians, entertainers and wealthy business people were other diners who have had the pleasure to enjoy the creativity and passion of his cuisine. Fast forward half a decade and Daniele wanted a change. He immediately demanded a partnership in a Restaurant that he spent the next 15 years of his career – Condotti Restaurant in Ivanhoe East. “All the meals passed through my hands”.

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Dinners would often call in to see if Daniele was cooking. His partners would often say and have a good laugh,“When are you back in Melbourne? Business is down this week”!

The reason for this was that at the same time Daniele was assisting various Restaurant operators in the upmarket Gold Coast areas and various affluent Sydney suburbs setting up their Restaurants. “I really enjoyed those days. Money wasn’t an issue with many of my customers. Operators wanted their business to succeed and that to me was a challenge. To turn a business around was fascinating and to begin from scratch was even more incredible. Many of these customers still call me from time to time to thank for my efforts.

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. I mean, we would discuss plans until the very early hours. It was all part of the job. A bottle of Dom Perignon at four in the morning never went astray. This to me meant more than anything, career wise that is”.

Although forty percent of his life has been spent in a Restaurant, the other part of his life was ensuring his family were happy. The years trickled on and a gear change was required. The timing felt right. Having set up from scratch another Restaurant in thriving Thornbury with a long life friend, Cafe Cinquecento was born. “But it wasn’t quite what I was looking for”.

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So this is where we are today. This is it. Late 2012 and into the New Year was the period of his life that Daniele felt as if things were ‘perfect’.“This was the 360 degree turn in my life. The new beginning.Starting fresh.There is no better feeling than to see your wife smile as she walks through the front door or your daughters putting on their apron and ask my diners with a warm smile ‘how was your meal?’. My challenge now is to teach them the secrets.  It reminds me of my beginnings. At Baldovino Restaurant you can expect a warm reception and ambience, exceptional meals, fantastic wines to match and incredible homemade desserts.

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I create all my desserts on premises daily. They are then served and prepared by the latest additional to my family – my son in law. After being in the ‘game’ for 40 years I have witnessed time and time again that the only way to succeed in this business is to listen to your customers, provide exceptional service, attention to detail in the cooking and most importantly, to have a supporting family. I feel as if I have that”.

 Daniele Bianchi